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Hand Tied Hair Extensions can be an absolutely transforming choice for your hair and style, but they aren’t right for everyone. To ensure you are provided with the right service, please fill out the following application. Pricing will be provided once this is received.

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Hand Tied

Hair Extensions

The process is fast and transforming!

Hand Tied Hair Extensions are less damaging, won’t slip out and are discreet. They are the perfect choice for people looking to have both a fun and active lifestyle without sacrificing the beauty of long gorgeous hair. Because of the strong bond created using this unique process, these Hair Extensions are particularly resilient and stand up to your workouts. The positioning of your hair extensions and the method used to install, leaves your hair seamless. Not at all bulky or obvious.

The extensions themselves last between 6-9 months and suggested reinstallation is every 6-10 weeks. Without the use of glue or tape the removal process is also fast and simple.

Come into the salon and leave three hours later feeling more beautiful, more confident and more comfortable!

Frequently Asked
Hair Extension Questions

Q: How do I wash my hair after getting Hair Extensions?

A: It is very important that you not wash your hair for at least 24 hours after they are installed. It is also important that you wash your hair with paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. You can use a leave in conditioner to keep your extensions feeling soft and untangled.

Q: How can I make my Extensions last?

A: First and foremost, don’t go to bed with wet hair. If you are going to be using hot tools on your hair, be sure the hair is at least 90% dry prior to styling. And Brush! Using a good boar’s hair brush, brush your hair immediately after your showers and before any kind of styling.

Q: Can I swim with Extensions?

A: Avoiding pools and beaches during the summer is HARD! Chlorinated and salty water can have a damaging effect on your Hair Extensions, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them completely. Put a leave in conditioner on the ends of your hair and braid your hair prior to going into the water.

Lash Care Instructions

During your Lash Extension Service your lashes are fully cured with a fine mist nebulizer that allows the adhesive to become completely waterproof. Your new lashes are now swim, spa, shower and sauna safe! But to be sure you get the longest lasting, and best looking lashes, be sure to follow these rules:

  • Treat Your Lashes with Gentle Care

  • Wash your lashed daily with Diva Eyelash Wash and Lash Wash Brush. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and brush the tips gently with your mascara wand.

  • Always avoid oil-based eye products, mascaras and waterproof eyeliners.

  • Do not pick or pull at your Lash Extensions and avoid rubbing your eyes when possible.

  • Get your Lash Extensions removed by a professional.

  • Schedule regular touch-ups every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking and feeling great.